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Toubkal Trek 13 jours
Toubkal Trek 13 jours
Toubkal Trek 13 jours
Toubkal Trek 13 jours
Toubkal Trek 13 jours

Day 1: Arrival in Marrakech.

Arrival at Menara airport in Marrakech and transfer to your hotel. Night

Day 2: Marrakech / Imlil

The Morning city tour, afternoon, departure to Imlil . Two hours drive.
Accommodation at the Etoile du Toubkal Hotel in Imlil.

Day 3: Imlil / Amsakrou

Departure around 9am towards Taddart and Aguersioual with a break at 10am and resumption of walking through the path leading to Tizi'n'Aguersioual (2100m). Continuation to douar Ikkis and lunch.
Departure to douar Amsakrou along the wadi and night in tents.

Day 4: Amsakrou / Oukaimeden

Departure to the Tizi'n'Timzourine pass (2150m) crossing the wadi and passing through Amsakrou.
Continuation to Tifirt passing through the douars: Gliz, Tinghar, Tidily and visit a pass of 2262m alt.
Lunch in Tifirt and departure to Tizi'n'Oukaimeden. Arrival at the French Alpine Club at around 3pm. Night in Tents.

Day 5: Oukaimeden / Iabassen

Departure to Azib Tiferguine by a track and a continuation trail to Tizi'n'Outtar (3250m).
Descent to the Agounss douar with a break for lunch. Continuation of the trek to Tizi'n'Iabassen. Night in tents at Douar Iabassen.

Day 6: Iabassen / Tacheddirt

Departure to Azib'n'Tiouna (2478m), then reached the Tizi'n'Tacheddirt pass (3172m). After a break downhill to the refuge at the Tacheddirt douar.
Lunch and continuation to the bivouacs installed near the Azib'n'Oumgdoul.

Day 7: Tacheddirt / Aremd

Departure to Imi'n'Talat via Tizi'n'Tamatert (2100m). Lunch at the Ouassagou douar and continue towards douar Targa with a tea break with the locals.
Continuation to douar Aremd. Night in tents.

Day 8: Aremd / Refuge

Departure to Sidi Chamharouch with a short break, by a path to Imi N'Timlilt and lunch near the wadi. Continue by the same path around the refuge of Toubkal (3207m). Night in tents.

Day 9: Refuge / Toubkal Summit (4167 m)

After breakfast, ascent of the Toubkal. Reached the summit, a pause before starting the descent by Ikhibi Nour towards the Bivouacs.
Night in tents.

Day 10: Refuge / Akioud Summit (4045m)

Departure to Akhbi N'Tizi and a continuation path to Amghrass N'Igloua.
Ascent of Jbel Akioud (4045m). Break and descent to the bivouac site.
Night in tents.

Day 11: Refuge / Tamsoulte

Early morning departure to Tizi N'Taddate (3730m), break and continuation to Tazaghart hut (3000m).
Lunch in front of a small waterfall of 30m.
Descent to Tamsoulte passing through the Ighouliden waterfall and continue towards Azib N'Tamsoulte.
Night in tents.

Day 12: Tamsoulte / Imlil / Marrakech

Departure towards Tizi'n'Mzik and Azib N'Berdoun to finally arrive in Imlil.
Lunch at the Hotel Etoile du Toubkal and return to Marrakech. Accommodation at the hotel.

Day 13:

After breakfast, transfer departure.