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Toubkal mountain 1

Day 1: Marrakech - Ourika Valley - Setti Fatma - Agadir N'Ait Boulmane - Timichchi

Starting in the little riverside village of Setti Fatma where we meet up with our mountain guide and muleteers we strike out upon the far side of the river, through 100-year-old walnut trees for some 30 minutes to visit the six, sometimes seven cascades. Returning via the first of these waterfalls, we swing back via Setti Fadma’s twin village of Zaouia Mohammed to take our picnic in the village. Suitably refreshed, we now start the serious part of our hike of between 5 and 6 hours towards the west along the western branch of the valley, the Adrar n’Oukaïmeden and Jbel Angour in front of us, drawing us like a magnet past streams flowing from the upper slopes, through the tiny hillside villages of Isghouarne, Agadir n’Aït Boulmane, Tadrart, Tiourdiou and Izouggaghene with their cornfields, terraced irrigated plots and groves of orange and olive trees, to finally arrive at the village of Timichchi, set amongst ancient walnut trees, where we shall have our Berber dinner and accommodation for the night in the home of a Berber family.

Day 2: Timichchi - Iaabassene - Tacheddirt

After an early breakfast we start our morning’s superb 2 hour hike towards the west along well-defined mule trails in the lush upper valley to the Berber village of Iaabassene (2,030m), set beside a spring. From here we traverse the rocky lower levels of the Tizi n’Tacheddirt (3,200m) of mighty Jbel Angour range (3,616m), the stunning panorama of Adrar n’Ineghmar (3,892m), Jbels Bou Iguenouane (3,882m) and Aksouâl (3,842m) in all their immense glory before us. We’ll stop for our field picnic after some 2½ hours incredible hiking before setting out once more for a further 2 hours down to the terraced village of pisé homes called Tacheddirt (2,291m), set amongst terraced, irrigated fields clawed out over the centuries from the surrounding mountainside. Tacheddirt is easily the oldest and quaintest of all the Berber villages in the Toubkal Massif. Tonight we’ll relax and enjoy our dinner and accommodation in a Berber gîte d’étape set amidst some awesome countryside.

Day 3: Tacheddirt - Imenane Valley - Agersioual - Imlil

After breakfast we set off down the Assif Imnane Valley , passing throught several berber hamlets and thence up to the Tizi n’Ageursiwal (2,000m). Once through the col we shall now go down more winding mule tracks leading to the village of Aguersiwal (lunch spot ) set off in river bed of Imlil, allow another hour to get up the valley to Imlil. 6 hours' walking.

Day 4 : Imlil - Tizi M'zzik - Aazib Tamsoult

Start of a 6 hour trek up via long, winding mule tracks to Tizi Mzik (2,664m) giving an awesome panorama of the Imlil Valley and of Jebel Toubkal (4,167m). From here you descend to Aazib n'Tamsoult (2,145m) for a picnic by a stream. Thence, on up to the Tamsoult Cascade, also known as the Irhoulidene Cascade (2,200m) and return down for dinner and overnight in a basic refuge.

Day 5: Âazib Tamsoult - TiziI Aguelzim - Toubkal Refuge

After breakfast, we now set out eastwards on a moderately difficult hike up winding mule tracks to the Tizi Aguelzim (3,104m) with our picnic taken en route, thence a further 3 hours south-east to the Toubkal (ex Neltner) Refuge which marks the spring snowline at 3,207m, where we shall have our dinner the Cafe Refuge.

Day 6: Toubkal Refuge - Summit Jbel Toubkal - Aremd - Imlil - Marrakech

Early this morning we make our attempt on the summit of Jebel Toukbal, the highest peak in Northern Africa. Our route takes us up the south cirque, crossing the stream above the refuge and then heading across one of the mountains numerous scree fields, where we will have to negotiable a seemingly endless carpet of boulders and rocks. The walking is relatively straightforward, but the scree and the altitude will make the going quite difficult in parts, however, the views along the way make the journey more than worthwhile. Cresting the ridgeline we find ourselves on the plateau, from where it is a short walk to the summit From here there are unrestricted views in every direction, from the Marrakesh Plain to the High Atlas in the north and as far south as the Anti-Atlas and the Sahara. After taking enough pictures and had some food we then turn back to the hut for lunch then head back towards Imlil where we will meet with our transport to returning to Marrakech.