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charity in morocco
charity in morocco

Be Part of Something Larger Than Yourself & Join our Morocco Charity Projects & Volunteering Treks and Challenging Holiday Tours, Climb Toubkal and Walk the Sahara for a purpose, Life time Memories Guaranteed.

There are many poor people in Morocco living on less than $1/day – In need of your help!

They’re hard-working, loving families. Impossible economic conditions, lack of clean water, severe drought and other external circumstances fight against these families every day.

With a little help, though, they’ll have hope for a brighter future. We’re on a mission to end the extreme poverty crisis in rural Morocco. Will you join us?


  •  Fostering the value of solidarity through humanitarian actions.
  •  Strengthening the values of a civil society aiming at achieving a fruitful sustainable development.
  •  Promoting and coordinating educational, cultural, social, economic, touristic, and sport exchanges.
  •  Promoting local culture.
  •  Fighting illiteracy.
  •  Helping in achieving sustainable development



Our Humain Assistance goals consist of the following points:

1- Improving the living conditions of the local population.
2- Encouraging social solidarity actions.
3- Improving the living conditions of people with disabilities, children, and women.
4- Looking for funds to carry out projects; to supply rural villages with water and electricity.
5- Encouraging economic and agricultural activities.
6- Protecting the environment and organizing planting workshops.
7- Protecting the environment and organizing planting workshops.
8- Organizing campaigns to sensitize people of the importance of prevention and contribute in expanding the network of health-care facilities, and organizing programs stressing the importance of the mothers and children health-care.


Our Educational Help goals consist of the following points:

1- Cultural, social, and artistic education of children.
2- Promoting Amazigh culture.
3- Organizing make-up classes for students.
4- Participating in e-Twinning projects and programs.
5- Organizing cultural, artistic, and sport activities like theatre performances, seminars, fine arts, excursions, chess, summer camps….


Our Fighting against illiteracy goals consist of the following points:

1- Providing necessary instruments to help convey essential knowledge and educate people.
2- Creating and equipping a public library for all people.
3- Providing women’s and girls’ literacy a special priority.
4- Strengthening the literacy drive through international co-operation and world solidarity.
5- Struggling against illiteracy and supporting all associations and organizations working in this field.
6- Co-operating with public authorities and non-governmental organizations operating at the local, national, and international levels in the movement of eradicating illiteracy and promoting basic education for all.

About US

We’re a NON-Profit organization that meets the needs of people in MOROCCO. We are working together to offer some kind of help in different ways to those are in need of!.

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